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Saba 7.95
grilled mackerel w/ sea salt

Ikamaru 12.75
grilled whole squid w/ sweet soy sauce

Shishamo 5.75
grilled sea smelt

Salmon Kama 8.75
grilled salmon collar w/ sea salt

Yellowtail Kama (limited quantity) M/P
grilled yellowtail collar w/ sea salt

Gindara 11.95
marinated black cod with Saikyo Yuzu Miso

Chicken Teriyaki 7.45  
white meat $1 more

Beef Teriyaki 9.95
rib-eye beef w/ homemade teriyaki sauce

Salmon Teriyaki 8.95
fresh salmon w/ homemade teriyaki sauce

BBQ Beef Short Ribs 13.45
marinated asian-style BBQ beef ribs

Yakitori 8.75
grilled skewers of chicken and vegetables

Chilean Sea Bass MP
grilled w/ garlic soy sauce, sprinkled w/ masago & green onions


*Make it your own meal (salad, miso soup, and rice) with your grill order $3 more

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